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440 - A lot of the time they are, yes.

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2016/09/26 - Dark Lord Rising

...and for those wondering why we're following these two, you're about to find out.

On a related note, I just noticed that, despite being closed for more than 19 years, the Happy Eater trademark doesn't actually expire until 2020. So I've gone back and changed the name slightly, just in case.

2016/09/26 - The Epsilon Project

...and that concludes part 2. For those wondering about Richard's expression, he's been given a rather rose-tinted version of what the Jyraneth did.

2016/09/24 - To Catch a Demon

Fairwater's presumption of guilt starts to become a bit more understandable.


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Once again, Epsilon isn't ready yet but hopefully should be done in time for Monday. Likewise, we'll have to see what happens with Dark Lord Rising Wednesday.


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