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383 - We don't take kindly to cubi being killed around here

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2015/09/02 - Heads You Lose

Oops, Keaton's rumbled.

2015/08/31 - Epsilon

Remember kids, when gossipping about the Headmistress, make sure she's not behind you.

2015/08/29 - Axeman

Illiath might be in the wrong job.


You are reading page 383 of Project Future, a weekly strip inspired by Amber Williams' DMFA.

Lots to cover in this page, it was hard to summarise and I'm still not sure the tagline is all that great.

Axeman updates tomorrow, followed by Epsilon on Monday. Heads should update on Wednesday as usual.

Also it might be worth mentioning that a friend of mine is in a tight spot. She's taking commissions. If you're interested, her journal is here.


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