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593 - At least Niall's shiny clothes are waterproof.

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2019/09/16 - The Epsilon Project

The 'Cubi Registry is a bit Big Brother, but on the plus side it definitively proves which 'Cubi committed which crime - a useful thing when dealing with shapeshifters who could impersonate one another. This safety net has opened up more territories to 'Cubi, allowing them to live openly in places which would otherwise have killed them on sight.


You are reading page 593 of Project Future, a weekly strip inspired by Amber Williams' DMFA.

Only just managed to complete this page on time, since it was more complex than the previous one, and I only got the lines this afternoon. Merlin is having a rough time at work so if some comics run late or lines-only, that's why.

Epsilon should be on time though, since I got the lines for that one way early.

In other news, Keetah's situation looks even more precarious, so if you want to help out the artist behind 'The Tuppenny Man' and 'Niall's Story', her gofundme is here:

If anyone's interested, some kind soul has created a TV Tropes entry for Project Future. So if anyone wants to help flesh it out, that would be nice.


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