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335 - Those who were wondering what happened to the panthers need wonder no more.

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The Axeman Cometh


And here's another page of Heads You Lose. Merlin's been busy, not least because she did the entire chapter of 'Axeman Cometh' in a relatively short space of time. Long story short, we might miss a week on Heads - building up the Epsilon buffer and maintaining the PF one is the priority at the moment, so we'll have to see how things go regarding 'Heads'... it was just part of the risk of running three weekly comics like this. Expect the other comics to continue as normal, though.


Here's some nice Epsilon for you - that meeting seems to have gone off the rails pretty fast.


You are reading page 335 of Project Future, a weekly strip inspired by Amber Williams' DMFA.

Not much to add that the comment doesn't say already.

I still haven't decided what to do about Axeman - for now the entire chapter is still available here.

Epsilon continues Monday, followed by 'Heads you lose' on Wednesday.

We might start running Axeman from the beginning on another day, or we might wait a few months until Merlin is able to resume working on it, and just start adding pages for chapter 2.


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