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Archive : Episode 20 - Paranoia

Episode 20

Page 178 - Peace, love and an extra helping of fear

Page 179 - Just because I'm horrifically powerful, it doesn't mean we can't be friends...

Page 180 - Big kids

Page 181 - Birthday special. Comic to follow shortly

Page 182 - Daryil wanted a memento of his trial.

Page 183 - Beware of foxes bearing gifts

Page 184 - I am paranoid, but no android

Page 185 - "Wearing that old woman shawl with that V-necked dress is a fashion felony." -Chaosmage

Page 186 - You'd hold the whole world in your metal claws
If it wasn't for the Three Laws

Page 187 - Please enter the 1st word on the 7th paragraph of page 187 of the manual

Page 188 - It starts when you're always afraid

Page 189 - Survival is relative

Page 190 - I reexamine my priorities, and draw new conclusions.

Page 191 - Saying "Dress Daryil however you want as long as it doesn't break the rating" was obviously a very bad idea

Page 192 - I think my favourite reply was "Where do they grow these people?"

Page 193 - More filler, I'm afraid

Page 194 - As you can see from the date, I held onto this one for the next 'net outage

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