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Episode 24

Page 231 - Looks like it's going to be one of those days.

Page 232 - Harold Lutlakes... This is your death!

Page 233 - A super-tech lab can make for some kick-ass funerals

Page 234 - "Just a few ancient questions left, Mr. L. What the hell is real? Who am I, and why not...?"

Page 235 - After this, all the wrenches were kept locked away

Page 236 - Keaton's bad hair day

Page 237 - You must pay the price of hate, and that price is your soul.

Page 238 - There was blood all in the kitchen, there was blood all in the hall. There was blood all in the parlour, where my lady she did fall

Page 239 - The morning after the morning after

Page 240 - A wide emotional spectrum

Page 241 - "But you said it was a time to look back upon the year." "I didn't mean an annual review, granny!" "Never call me that."

Page 242 - Whys and wherefores

Page 243 - Daryil giveth, Daryil taketh away

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