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April Fool

April Fool 2008

Josh gets the bad news from the doctor



Joshua is a fridge

Not A Fridge

Joshua is not a fridge


Josh discovers his true calling

Even in death, I still serve

This is not quite what I'd intended for the MK2 body

Panther R-MAC in a particularly psychotic mood

And this is why I closed his mouth in the final cut of page 18.

'Hacked' version of page 22

This was the original page 22, made from recycled art to cover for Ren while he was unexpectedly away.


This was to cover for page 29.


This was to cover for page 31.

'Hacked' version of page 32

This was the original page 32, made from recycled art to keep the story ticking over while Ren was dealing with RL issues.

'Hacked' version of page 28

This was the original page 28, made from recycled art to keep the story ticking over while Ren was away.

Joshua's vision, by KoH

This is the full-size version of the vision in page 47.

Spoof of page 25

This was an actual typo in the captioning. I meant to put this up earlier, but forgot.

Intermediate snapshot of page 48

Just for posterity's sake.

Page 49 - alternate punchline

This was actually the revised version, even though it was published first.

Page 51 - high res

For people who want to count how many times Joshua appears in the crowd.

April 1st 2009

Joshua's tour of the base leaves no stone unturned.

Ren's 22nd Birthday present - high res

Ren and Siegfried battle to the death under Daryil's watchful eyes

Valentine's Day 2010

Try not to think too hard about Daryil screwing his own descendants

Cut from strip 118

Keaton: "I'm working on a fanfic for this"

High res beach picture

As drawn by Mewgal/Toast

P145 holding page

Why page 145 was late.

P156 holding page

Ashford's "Inner Keaton", dropped from page 144.

Lost Cat Ren

This was used when Ren's local exchange blew up.

April 1st 2011

Clothes swap or shapeshifting? I ain't telling.

P167 holding page

Ponies, I'm afraid

Halloween 2011

Keaton dressed as Johan Cross, or Cross disguised as Keaton?

Page 197 by Kipiru

Filler for one of Ren's extended 'net outages.

April 1st 2012

A nice counterpoint to the Halloween picture.

Merlin's birthday, 2012

Which by sheer coincidence is also my dad's birthday.

Outtake from page 242

Yeah, Keaton would totally comfort Jakob. Right.

Page 246, original version

Daryil's golden-haired avatar seems to have confused people..

Evil Cubi Josh in Green

This wasn't planned as the April Fool 2013 strip but it was such a cool picture I decided to run with it.

Oh dear. I think you'll find reality is on the blink again.

April 2015: Dorcan and Seth ignore an alien invasion.

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